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Auto repair garage for sale (Lisbon, Portugal) Asking Price: €

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Auto repair garage for sale

Revenue €Avaible on request, Cash Flow €Avaible on request, Established 1995

Here are three tips for the auto repair business when it comes to their touch screen point of sale system and their website. But really these three tips are going to apply to any business out there. I am going to address them to auto repair, but I think you are going to see you can apply them to your business as well.

With a auto repair business there might be additional challenges you face. In an auto repair business you are not going to carry every part that you might need, because this is not realistic. You have different vehicles coming in with different makes and models. You also need to order the parts not in stock in an easy, convenient way. When you get a Touch Screen POS (Point of Sale) Solution you want to make sure you are tracking the parts you have in stock and the parts you are selling.  You want to be able to look back after 6 to 9 months and say,  “Which make and model am I servicing most often?” This is going to decide which parts you keep on hand in your business.

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